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Request To View Student File

If you are a background investigator needing to review a student file from the Basic Police Academy, please complete the form below so we can arrange a day and time for you to view the file.

We do not maintain student files for the requalification course, 9-1-1 public safety dispatcher course, adult corrections academy, or 832PC arrest course. If you need verification the student completed one of these classes, please direct the student to provide you with an “official transcript” from Napa Valley College. The student can order this transcript from the Office of Admissions and Records at the college.

Basic Police Academy student files are maintained for 5 years from the date of graduation. We do not provide or allow copies to be made of any file contents.

We do require a copy of the waiver signed by the student authorizing access to the student file. Please bring one copy of the signed waiver we can keep.

One of the best sources of information about student performance in the Basic Police Academy is the portfolio binder. It contains examples of student work, performance scores on every test, a daily journal, and self-evaluations of every graded activity in the academy. You can gain great insight into how students write, how they accept feedback, and how they viewed their academy experience. Students have these binders in their possession. It was a major project completed during the academy and you can learn more about the student from reviewing this portfolio than you will from viewing the student file.

The criminal justice training center operation is currently suspended and there is no one who can make comments or recommendations for or against hiring a student.

    What is the first and last name of the student you are conducting a background investigation on?

    What date did the student graduate from the police academy at Napa Valley College?

    What day of the week would you like to schedule an appointment? (check all that apply)

    Check this box if you have a waiver signed by the student authorizing release of information.